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Raphael Valency


Originally from Lyon, France, Raphael settled in Israel in 2015. He started to become familiar with the local techniques and materials in some of the most respected carpentry shops in the country.
In september 2017, urged by his private clientelle, he established his own workshop in Bne Brak and has, since then realized many achievements with a 100% client satisfaction.


Raphael works with all types of woods, from basics to more sophisticated in order to provide custom furniture that fit any wallet.
Raphael offers a range of modern, no-frills, perfect finished furniture. Passionate, and a great perfectionnist, if you trust him, you are certain to get a perfect and sustainable result.


Raphael is a nice and enthusiastic person. You will enjoy working with a patient, good-listener carpenter, who is always on time for his appointements!
He provides an impeccable customer service and is always available to answer to any question.

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