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Dressings et custom closets

For your closets and dressing rooms, it’s entirely up to you! You choose arrangements and accessories, as well as the appearance of the doors. With the Formica doors option, let your imagination run wild, the possibilities are endless! Regular or sliding doors, that’s your choice.


Entirely renew your kitchen, or just change the cupboards’ doors for a brand new kitchen sensation at low cost! We come to you, take your measures, and we provide an optimal plan for you. Then you can choose among hundreds of colors of paint or formica.

Living room arrangements

Classic or design bookcases, treat yourself to a custom living room arrangement. Shelves, drawers, TV space with cable hiding systems, the piece of furniture adapts pricisely to your needs.

Bathroom arrangements

Because we never have enough space in the bathroom, think of the space optimization: under the sink, on the wall, niche, add some custom storage suitable to a humid environment.

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